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Mary Surratt   The Ghost of Mary Surratt

“I should not have died on July 7, 1865 for the conspiracy of killing President Abraham Lincoln,” says the ghost of Mary Surratt. “I was innocent.” Join me as I tell the story of Mary Surratt, convicted and hung as one of Lincoln’s conspirators in his assassination. Hear Mary’s story come alive as she tells of her life as a loving mother, a widow and a landlord. Listen to the events that led up to Lincoln’s assassination, her involvement with John Wilkes Booth and the other conspirators, her arrest, her own testimony and those of others at the military trial. Hear the words of the verdict, how she proclaimed her innocence in the days she spent before she went to the gallows, hung as the first woman in the US to be executed. Decide for yourself if Mary Surratt was guilty or innocent of the conspiracy of killing President Abraham Lincoln.


You had us spellbound with your performance.”

—Audience member, Elgin Halloween party

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