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Eliza Hamilton   Alexander Hamilton:
as Told by His Wife, Eliza

Come hear the true story of one of our Founding Fathers of our nation, Alexander Hamilton.  Hear it from his wife, Eliza’s point of view as she tells of his early beginnings in the West Indies, and the road that took him to America.  Find out the role he played in the Revolutionary War, and the part he played in the new America.  She will share the story of their love, their marriage and family, his betrayal and his death in a duel, and the courage and strength she needed to go on with her life after he died.

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Listen to a podcast of this program on Once Upon a Time,
hosted by Carol and Bill Waxenberg on Huntley Community Radio,
recorded November 27, 2017.

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“What a fantastic program last night! Cathy says you had 85 people and that they all gave you an enthusiastic applause. Apparently the vast majority had not seen the musical (or even read the biography) so they really appreciated your ‘abridged’ and very approachable interpretation of the Hamiltons' story.  What fun!”

— Sarah Vessalo, Programming Librarian, Park Ridge Library, 2017

“Presentation was excellent! Very believable. Have her back.”

— Audience Review, Lake Geneva Library, September 2017

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