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Madame Curie   Madame Curie, Scientist, Nobel Prize Winner

Join storyteller Lynn Rymarz as she shares the story of Marie Curie. Follow her life’s journey from her childhood in Poland where she showed an early curiosity in science, to her years as a determined student studying in Paris. It leads to her Paris laboratory where she tried and failed at countless experiments before making her scientific breakthrough. She earned the honor of becoming the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. Hear how she made a trip to America to visit the President at the White House. Madame Curie’s story inspires others to follow their dreams and to never give up.


“Lynn Rymarz did a fantastic job presenting Madame Curie for our library.  She really brought the character to life with the story. She did a great job detailing the many elements of Curie's life including her education, marriage, and scientific work. Lynn also did a fantastic job answering the questions from the audience after her performance. Lynn was a joy to work with and I will certainly be booking more programs with her in the future.”

— Sonya Skibicki, Adult Services Librarian, Bartlett Library

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