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Lady Churchill   Lady Churchill: On Being Winston's Mother

The year is 1917. America has just entered World War I.

Step back in time and see the world through Lady Randolph Churchill’s eyes. Discover her life before she became Winston’s mother. Hear how this independent-minded New York socialite, Jennie Jerome, married into England’s high society and became a part of the inner circle of the royal family during Queen Victoria’s reign. She left her mark on British society, writing plays, books, articles, and political speeches for her husband, even publishing a British magazine. Learn how she influenced Winston and watched his rise in British politics.

Historical letters, books and photographs will be shared.


“The colorful life of Lady Randolph-Spencer Churchill is brought to life by Lynn Rymarz. Lynn's costume visually transforms the audience to 19th century England. Lady Churchill positioned herself in the mist of the influential and the royals. Lynn tactfully explains that neither circle lacked scandal and that Lady Churchill was no exception. Lady Churchill shrewdly worked her connections to help her son, Winston Churchill, rise to power. The audience will learn that Lady Churchill lived an eventful life, never afraid to color outside the lines.”

—Zari Kalo, Clara Cummings Book Club, Waukegan IL

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