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Unsinkable Molly Brown   The True Story of the Unsinkable Molly Brown:
the Heroine of The Titanic

Hear the story of the life and times of the adventurous and daring “Unsinkable Molly Brown.” The “unsinkable” part is true, for after the sinking of The Titanic in April of 1912, Margaret Brown (her real name) was interviewed and asked how she survived the sinking on the ship she responded, “Typical Brown luck.  We’re unsinkable.”  Discover her fighting spirit in helping other survivors who lost everything when the Titanic sunk.  Historical photographs and newspapers will be shared.


“Thank you so much for presenting your interesting program for our library. The audience had a great time and we have gotten so much good feedback already, it’s amazing.”

— Kelly A. Cuci, Head of Outreach Services, Orland Park Library, Orland, IL

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