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Lynn Rymarz
Lynn Rymarz
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  About Lynn Rymarz

The Past Meets the Present

I always enjoyed learning about history. As a young girl I wanted to be an archaeologist, digging in the past to discover hidden treasures. As an author and storyteller, I'm doing just that. I enjoy sharing little-known historical stories with my readers and audiences.

Upon graduating from Arizona State University with a B.A. in elementary education, I became a fourth grade teacher for six years. I married Daniel Rymarz, a high school teacher, and when our two sons were born I took time off from teaching. I discovered the love of children’s books, which I read nightly to our boys. I also volunteered with our church drama ministry, where I wrote, directed, and acted in performances for children. My pastor encouraged me to get my writing published, which I never had dreamt of doing. This journey has lead me to find my passion in writing historical stories such as “Miss Liberty Takes Her Stand” and “Move To The Back, Rosa Parks,” both published in Cricket Children’s Magazine. My stories, “Ida B. Wells—Justice For All,” and “Mordecai Brown: Pitching For the Pennant” were published in Highlights children’s magazine, along with “About The Cow That Started That Fire” and “Unearthing The Arabia,” published in 2016. My interest in history has spilled over to entertaining audiences with my historical portrayals of women. 

I grew up in Franklin Park, Illinois. My favorite years in school were 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. I enjoyed creative writing, shelving books as a library page, reading Nancy Drew mysteries and biographies of famous women like Clara Barton, Florence Nightingale, and Madame Curie. In high school I entertained audiences as a Lenore Sutton dancer, performing on the TV program “Bozo Circus.” 

I enjoy gardening, skiing in Colorado, Pilates, and golf.¬†And I love to read, especially stories of history—and famous and not-so-famous women.

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